Why Choose Suburban Properties of Charlotte


Is This Your Goal:  Building Wealth with Real Estate?


If it is, you’ll be right at home with us because that’s what we help our clients do every day.  If it isn’t, you might want to reconsider!


The Power of Owning Real Estate


Whether you’re an investor or a homeowner, real estate represents a very real opportunity for you to make your investment work hard for you.  We provide very specific strategies and assistance to make sure you can take advantage of that opportunity.


Our Services


We do all the same things other brokerages do in terms of providing excellent customer service; we’re easy to reach and go above and beyond to make sure your real estate transaction is a successful one.


But, we also provide support that is focused on building wealth with real estate:


For Sellers

  1. We help you evaluate your goals and confirm that the time is right for you to sell.  Market trends sometimes make it more advantageous for you to wait to put your home on the market, for example.
  2. We use proper staging and professional photos to attract buyers.  Our pricing and aggressive marketing plans make sure you get the best market price in the shortest time possible.
  3. We know the Charlotte market and what buyers are looking for.  We’ll work with you to make your property a buCharlotte Real Estate Expertsyer magnet.
  4. We use creative solutions to help you save money when you’re preparing your home for sale.

For Buyers

  1. We help you evaluate your goals and confirm that the time is right for you to buy.  There are times when you need to hold off.  For example, if you’re just moving to the area, we’ll help you find a rental before you make the commitment to a new home.
  2. We have the expertise to ensure that you fully understand your options and the impact of the decisions you make.
  3. We have the knowledge to help you evaluate the condition of a home.  And, we know how to estimate the cost of updating or renovations you plan to make – before the contract is signed.
  4. We can educate you on market trends so that you don’t end up losing a home because you moved too slowly or made an unrealistically low offer.


Protect Your Investment


Working with Suburban Properties, you’ll receive the expertise you need to complete a successful real estate transaction with minimal stress.  More importantly, you’ll receive the support and guidance you need to protect your investment and help it grow.


Contact us for a free consultation.  You’ll be surprised at how successful a real estate investor you can be!